General Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions


Booking is subject to availability of free spots. All bookings are subject to a reservation fee. Booking form ( registration or agreement) is to be completed with basic information on the traveller and the package. All necessary documents required for a particular package should also be submitted upon booking. Once the deposit has been paid and the booking form duly signed, the agreement between the traveller and OBZOR HOLIDAYS becomes binding as well as all its provisions thereof. All aspects of the package for which the booking agreement has been signed have legal implications for both parties. The agreement is issued and signed in two copies, one of which is kept by the traveller, the other by OBZOR HOLIDAYS.

The package price includes ( except if not stated otherwise): transport services, hotel and catering services and travel organization. If explicitly stated in the package, the package price may include further services ( e.g. foreign airport taxes, local and expert guidance, optional excursions, entrance fees for places of interest). Specific services required by the traveller (diet or accomodation etc.) are not included in the package price and must be indicated at the moment of booking. Booking agreement is binding for OBZOR HOLIDAYS, which will render all services stated in the package except in case of Force Majeure. Rendering specific services required by the traveller will be subject to circumstences and capability; such services will be binding for OBZOR HOLIDAYS only if it explicitly stated so in the agreement.

Traveler is entitled to the rights stated in 'Law on providing services in tourism' regarding packaged arrangements. Tourist agency OBZOR HOLIDAYS is entirely responsible for proper execution of package arrangement as a whole.

Tourist agency is legally obligated to provide a secured amount to refund travelers' payments and, if transfer is included in the package, ensurance of traveler repatriation in case of insolvency.

More information on vital rights in the package arrangement contract may be viewed at

By clicking the link above, traveler will be provided with the following information:

  • travelers will be provided with all vital information regarding the package arrangement before coming to the terms of contract
  • there is always at least one person responsible for the correct execution of all the services in the contract
  • travelers are provided with an emergency telephone number or a contact point for reaching the travel operator or tourist agency

    3.            PAYMENT
    All package prices are quoted in EURO. All hotel and package bookings are subjected to a reservation fee of 20,00 EUR per person for adults, for children from 12 to 17,99 years of age a fee of 10,00 EUR per person and for children under the age of 11,99 no fee is charged.When signing the booking form, the deposit of 25% of the total package price is mandatory for booking to be considered confirmed. The outstanding amount as well as any specific services which have not been calculated in the total package price are to be paid at least 21 days before the beginning of the journey. For bookings made in less than 21 days before the beginning of the journey, the full package price is charged at once. This payment method will be applied in all cases unless the package (whose content will be presented to the traveller before signing the booking) explicitly states other payment methods.

    4.            PRICES
    All calculations are made based on services and currency ratios on the day stated in the programme. OBZOR HOLIDAYS reserves the right to change the price in case of any service price alterations or more than 3% currency exchange rate rise compared to the one stated in the programme. In case of more than 10% increase in the agreed package price, the traveller is entitled to terminate the agreement without any liability as well as to recover the payment made to OBZOR HOLIDAYS.

    Hotels and other facilities listed in the package have been awarded the category based on particular country or regional standards.Unless the traveller has requested a specific room feature ( special amenities, floor etc.) they will accept any officially registered room in the given facility. OBZOR HOLIDAYS will not be held responsible for any oral or written complaint which is not in accordance with the service stated in the agreed package.

    6.            PACKAGE ALTERATION
    OBZOR HOLIDAYS reserves the right to alter the package in case of exceptional circumstances which could not have been predicted or mitigated. In this case OBZOR HOLIDAYS will endeavour to provide the services agreed in line with the possibilities in the given situation. The agreed accomodation may only be substituted by the facility of the same or higher category at the same destination at the expense of OBZOR HOLIDAYS.
    OBZOR HOLIDAYS reserves the right to change the day or hour of the journey due to flight re-scheduling or unpredictable circumstances as well as to change the journey route if travelling conditions change ( flight re-scheduling, security issues in a particular country, natural disasters or any other occurances beyond the control of OBZOR HOLIDAYS) all this without payment of any damages and in accordance with the binding regulations of international transport.
    Should the package be considerably changed without a valid reason, OBZOR HOLIDAYS will reimburse the traveller in full provided that the traveller opts out of the journey before its beginning.
    Should the package be considerably changed in its course, the traveller will bear the costs of services rendered up to that point in time.

    7.            PACKAGE CANCELLATION
    OBZOR HOLIDAYS has the right to cancel the package in part or completely, should extraordinary circumstances occur before or during its course and if such circumstances could not have been avoided or mitigated and which, had they occured at the time of the package advertisement and sale, would have been a justifiable reason not to advertise or sell the package in the first place. OBZOR HOLIDAYS is entitled to cancel the package if the minimum number of passangers, which is explicitly stated for a particular type of package,cannot be met.
    In case of complete package cancellation prior to beginning of journey, OBZOR HOLIDAYS will not be entitled to indemnify the traveller but to refund the received amount of deposit.
    Should the package be cancelled in its course for the above stated reasons, OBZOR HOLIDAYS is obliged to refund the amount of money paid for services not rendered.

    7.            WITHDRAWAL
    Should the traveller opt out of the journey OBZOR HOLIDAYS will apply the following scale to calculate the costs of cancellation:
    - up to 30 days prior to departure OBZOR HOLIDAYS will retain 10% of the package price, or the minimum of 100 kn
    - from 29 to 22 days prior to departure OBZOR HOLIDAYS will retain 25% of the package price
    - from 21 to 15 days prior to departure OBZOR HOLIDAYS will retain 40% of the package price
    - from 14 to 8 days prior to departure OBZOR HOLIDAYS will retain 80% of the package price
    - 7 days or less prior to departure OBZOR HOLIDAYS will retain 100% of the agreed and charged amount
    - during or after the journey, OBZOR HOLIDAYS will retain 100% of the agreed and charged amount
    In case of actual costs being higher than those stated in the scale or when the share in the fixed group costs is higher than those stated in the scale, OBZOR HOLIDAYS reserves the right to charge the actual costs. The above stated cancellation costs are charged in case of departure date alteration or accomodation alteration as well as all other important changes. In case of package cancellation on the part of the traveller, the costs of visa /travelling document processing will not be reimbursed.
    If the traveller cancels or shortens the journey due to weather conditions OBZOR HOLIDAYS will apply the above stated scale and will not consider any further complaints.
    The fees the traveller is obliged to pay in case of agreement termination as well as the way they are calculated, is clearly stated in OBZOR HOLIDAYS's brochure, programme, terms and conditions of travel, and by signing the booking agreement, the traveller confirms he/she is familiar with them.
    Special travel conditions apply when arranging charter travel, incentive travel, conference, fair and other specific programmes as well as Christmas, New Year, Easter and other holidays, therefore OBZOR HOLIDAYS reserves the right to charge 100% of the pre paid amount in case of cancellation on the part of the traveller, up to the full amount of the package. By signing the booking agreement, the traveller waives all claims on discount interest on the grounds of advance payment.
    In case of cancellation of plane jouney and airfare already bought, the reimbursment issues are defined by terms and conditions of a particular air carrier.

    The traveller must take good care of their personal documents which must comply with border, customs, health and other regulations of the Republic of Croatia as well as other countries. The traveller must also obtain all necessary visas, documentation and licences needed for a specific journey. Should a package contain special regulations which require mandatory vaccination or possessing a particular document, the traveller must obtain the certificates as well as the proof of vaccination before the start of the journey.
    The traveller must abide by the house rules in hotels and other accomodation facilities and cooperate with the representative of OBZOR HOLIDAYS and service provider in good faith.
    If a traveller, due to failing to abide by the above mentioned regulations, cannot begin or continue the arranged journey, he or she will have to cover the costs and deal with consequences themselves.

    OBZOR HOLIDAYS must perform its services with great care, carefully choose service providers and exercise good business practice, always considering rights and interests of the traveller in accordance with good practice in the tourist industry. OBZOR HOLIDAYS must provide the traveller with all the services stated in the package and will be liable for any total or partial failure to render them except if not rendering services was due to Force Majeure.
    In case of failure to perform duties agreed on in the booking agreement, OBZOR HOLIDAYS will reimburse the traveller for the damage suffered, not exceeding the total price of the agreed package.
    OBZOR HOLIDAYS shall not be liable to the traveller for delays in transport for which the carrier is not liable according to domestic regulations and international conventions.

    11.          LUGGAGE
    Luggage up to 23 kg in weight will be carried free of charge. Each piece of luggage must be labelled with traveller's full name and address. Any claim for damages for lost or damaged luggage shall be submitted directly to the air carrier. OBZOR HOLIDAYS shall not be liable for any destroyed, lost, damaged or stolen luggage in hotel.
    OBZOR HOLIDAYS shall not be liable for any valuables of the traveller being destroyed, stolen or lost in the course of the journey.

    12.          TRAVEL INSURANCE
    Our prices do not include any travel risk insurance. For this reason we recommend buying travel risk insurance during booking. If you wish so, insurance can be arranged through our office, with us taking the role of the intermediary.
    You can buy:
    - health insurance
    - luggage insurance
    - accident insurance
    - travel cancellation insurance

    13.          HEALTH CARE
    The traveller has the right to health care at home and abroad to the extent and under the conditions laid down by international agreements and treaties between the Republic of Croatia and the country the traveller is visiting, provided such agreements have been signed. All information on health care should be obtained prior to departure.

    14.          INFORMATION
    Information received at the point of registration is not more binding for OBZOR HOLIDAYS than the one stated in the package programme.

    15.          HANDLING COMPLAINTS
    In case the package services have been incomplete or rendered below standards, the traveller is entitled to proportionate price reduction, upon submitting formal written complaint according to the following guidelines:
    - the traveller must complain about the inadequate service on the spot, by informing OBZOR HOLIDAYS representative or the service provider. The traveller must cooperate with OBZOR HOLIDAYS representative to mitigate the cause of complaint
    - if the cause of complaint cannot be mitigated or removed, the traveller must draw a written complaint together with OBZOR HOLIDAYS representative
    - within 8 days upon return, the traveller must submit the written complaint to the official at the sales point where he/she purchased the package
    - OBZOR HOLIDAYS guarantees to settle the complaint within 14 days upon the receipt. The traveller waives the right to appoint any intermediary, arbitrary body UHPA, court or to publish any information until the provider brings formal decision. This excludes the traveller's right to be reimbursed for any indirect damage.
    - Had the traveller not complained about the inadequate service on the spot or not submitted the written complaint within 8 days after return, OBZOR HOLIDAYS will not accept such complaint

    According to the Statute, in case of liquidation or financial incapacity on the part of provider, all travellers caught on the journey as well as persons who payed travel deposit, should contact as soon as possible ALLIANZ ZAGREB Ltd, Zagreb, Selska cesta 136, tel. 01/36 70 343, fax 01/3670 355 and quote the address and phone/fax no where the Insurance representative can reach them.

    17.          COURT JURISDICTION
    Should the traveller be dissatisfied with the manner in which OBZOR HOLIDAYS attended to their complaint, they have the right to initiate legal proceedings. All such cases fall under the jurisdiction of Commercial court in Zagreb.

    18.          GENERAL TERMS
    General terms and conditions of travel organization are an integral part of each Travel organization agreement, which the traveller concludes with OBZOR HOLIDAYS.
    Potential alterations must be quoted alongside the travel programme text. By signing the agreement, the traveller accepts the programme and terms and conditions of travel in full.

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